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Lost in the Labyrinth

“Last night I saw my sister, who is dead. She stood at the end of a long corridor, weeping. ‘Can it really be you, Ariadne, come back after all this time?’ I whispered. She did not answer, but began slowly to sink through the floor.”

Princess Xenodice is content to spend her days tending to the animals in the royal menagerie, haunting the workshop of a beautiful young man named Icarus, and visiting her brother who lives in the Labyrinth. Her safe and privileged world, however has ominous cracks underfoot.

Soon, battles for power and revenge threaten everything Xenodice loves. Betrayals from both within and without her family lead to a series of tragedies that Xenodice struggles to avert.

From the deepest layer of the Labyrinth under the Royal Palace to the topmost floor of the prison tower, this enthralling version of the myth of the maze and the Minotaur is filled with the marvelous and the strange.

“ Attentive to both archaeological detail and emotional probity, Kindl fleshes out the Minotaur myth’s bare bones and brings it to life.”
— The Horn Book

“ Kindl’s language is strong, eloquent, and determined.”
— Voya

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Supplementary Information

The story about Theseus, the maze and the Minotaur upon which LOST IN THE LABYRINTH is based is a long tale with roots and limbs in many other tales. Read a brief summary of the myth

Why is LOST IN THE LABYRINTH different from the traditional myth in some ways?

About Knossos and Ancient Crete

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Lost in the Labyrinth
Hardcover Edition

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