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Goose Chase

“My name, I must tell you, is Alexandria Aurora Fortunato . . . . and I am as lovely as the dawn.”

An orphaned Goose girl, Alexandria’s troubles begin when she offers some of her precious bread and water to a hungry old woman. The woman just happens to be a witch in disguise, and poof! Alexandria is suddenly heartstoppingly beautiful. When she brushes her hair, gold dust showers to the ground, and her tears turn to diamonds. Now that she’s so beautiful and wealthy, King Claudio the Cruel and Prince Edmund of Dorloo are fighting for her hand, and have locked her in a tower to keep her “safe.” How Alexandria wishes she were a poor, plain Goose girl again! Clearly she has to escape – and, with the aid of her twelve Geese, that’s precisely what she does. Which is when her problems really begin …

“ A delightful, witty fairy-tale spoof . . . . Kindl’s humor, the strong characterizations, and vibrant action give the story wings.”
— Booklist, starred review

“ The appropriately archaic manner in which Alexandria narrates her escape from confinement and subsequent adventures never feels clumsy or forced. . . . Readers can’t help but become invested in Alexandria’s sometimes comical, sometimes harrowing plight.”
— The Horn Book

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